The Aldergrove trolley service suspended

The Aldergrove Trolley service was suspended on Monday, August 26th.

“It’s the saddest thing to have to suspend the service but the board will be seeking income from grants and the community to bring it back as soon as possible. However, we will probably be reducing our scope to just the north service to Gloucester,” said Vanlaarhoven.

“While the seven directors on the trolley company’s board are all volunteers, the two trolley drivers are paid staff. There are also the costs of leasing and fueling the trolley, provided by Vancouver Trolley. Vanlaarhoven noted that “Vancouver Trolley has been outstanding in its support of the Aldergrove Trolley effort.”

“We need more commitment of financial support from the community — we knew that ridership alone would not pay for the service, to start out with, at least — but we also need more ridership,” said Vanlaarhoven.

Read the full article in the Aldergrove Star.

Come on Aldergrove! Get involved in a project that we can all be proud of!